Monday, April 26, 2010

Olvera Street

I have lived in LA all my life and this was my first trip to Olvera Street.  Hubby and I just kind of ended up here while scouting out photo shoot locations.  This was taken on the day I dropped my 50mm f/1.8.  All the following photos were taken with a broken lens.  :(

Purchased water here on this warm, sunny day.

I almost bought an accordion while we were there too.  Then, I realized I like being married.

No, thank you.

Just when you thought churros couldn't get any better.  Chocolate filled churros!

The Three Amigos.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Love Rose

I was lucky enough to witness a sweet and touching moment while at the Long Beach Sunday Market.  My sister's new business Songs' Crepes has started getting regulars at her booth since starting just a little over a month ago.  Most people that frequent the market are generally very nice people.  But, this local lady stood out amongst the crowd.

Cari on the left, nice lady on the right.

You see every crepe made by Song's is made with 100% love at no extra charge.  She appreciated this so much that she went back home after eating a crepe and reciprocated the love by bringing Cari back a rose from her own garden called a Love Rose.  It really is called a Love rose.  It is red with white on the bottom side of the petals.  Very pretty.

This lady had recently suffered a stroke and has been dealing with the complications that come along with it.  She did not let this stop her to show her love for Song's Crepes.  After all the hard work and sweat it's these kind of people that make it all worthwhile.  I am just glad me and my camera were there to witness it.

Song's Crepes crew love the Love Rose

Have you shown love to your favorite waitress, grocer, dog-walker, phlebotomist or accountant lately?  If not, do it.  A simple, friendly gesture can make anyone's day.