Friday, November 4, 2011

Moving on up

Hello! I moved my new and spiffy blog to I will no longer be posting here. Come along with me to some new photographic adventures.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

9 years ago!

Today is my hubby and I's 9th wedding anniversary. I thought I would share a photo from my own wedding day. Shot on film with a Hasselblad. My scanner is not so good and doesn't give it any justice.

First kiss as husband and wife by Jim Stephens.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Website update!

Hello all! I am proud to announce that I have finally updated my website. I have been working hard this wedding season assisting photographers I am truly fans of. I have learned and experienced so much from them. So blessed.

I am determined to make my dream to be a wedding photographer come true. So, please help me spread the word. I am now available to book weddings this year and in 2012! I am so excited and there is way more to come to the website and am currently working on a new blog.

Thank you! 


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Courtney + Eric: An Engagement Session in Moorpark, CA

I had the pleasure of second shooting this engagement shoot with Jim Stephens from the The Stephens Studio in the Walnut Grove of Underwood Farms in Moorpark. He has been in the wedding photography business for 30 years or so and it was a complete honor for me to tag-along. We also shot this lovely couple together on their wedding day at the LDS Temple in LA which I will share with you soon.

What can I say about Courtney and Eric except that they are perfect for each other. These two have great style and creativity, a love for vintage and the crafty, are completely in love with each other and are too cute for words.

I know first hand that these two will be able to get through anything with grace and aplomb. Near the end of this shoot Courtney's engagement ring, a vintage one-of-a-kind, got lost in the grass! As you can see in these photos there are lots of it. Never once did they panic or freak out as we all got on our hands and knees and scoured the grass. That night the search was unsuccessful, but they didn't give up. The next day they came with Courtney's sister who miraculously found it. Amazing!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finn, Hazel, Ivy and Katie - A fun family session in Yorba Linda

This is one amazing and unique family. The children have different mothers, but share the same sperm donor father. They all met on the internet through a donor registration designed for families to connect with their genetic kindred. 

S. Krystal is the mother of Finn, Denise and CJ are the mothers of Hazel and Ivy and Mary is the mother of Katie. Two of the families live right here in Southern California and this was the first time they got to meet Katie and Mary who came all the way down from Indiana so she could bond with her siblings.

It was fun to see how much they looked alike, to see how well they got along and how well they didn't get along. Just like your average brothers and sisters. 

Goes to show that the typical family dynamic is ever changing and that as long as you have love, you have family.

 Katie, CJ, Finn, Denise, Ivy, S. Krystal, Hazel and Mary

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