Monday, January 25, 2010

Leo's 1st Birthday

Some of my oldest friends, Rick and Bik, have this baby called Leonidas.  He's a pretty cool, cute and sweet dude.  He turned one on January 22 and we celebrated this milestone on Saturday with cupcakes.

Leo at a couple of hours old
(One year ago)

The happy birthday boy at 1 year of age

Amazing cupcakes made by people who love Leo

Make a wish
Leo practiced for a week for this moment

Leo's furry friend wanted in on the cupcakes.
No chocolate for you Bear!

Janeth right before she poached this yummy elephant

Panda cupcake heaven

Um, adorable?  How can you not squeeze those cheeks?

Happy birthday Leo!

If you want to view these photos in a slideshow, click below.

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