Friday, July 9, 2010

Moustached 33rd birthday, Disneyland & other random Holga photos

Been carrying around these two 120 film rolls around with me for a few months.  They went through an x-ray machine and I opened up the back of my Holga more than once by accident.  Some didn't make it at all, some are more damaged than others and some completely surprised me.  Oh, the joys of Holga!

Shopping at Unique LA
Shot by Trevor M.

Following moustached shots are from my 33rd birthday party at Griffith Park

Supercute Stephens family

A & C crack me up

Polka Your Eyes Out

Do you have any Grey Poupon?




They will kick your ass

Mr Robynne




Following are from a trip to Disneyland
Most of these came out pretty crappy
Posting them anyway

It's a small Holga after all

New Orleans musician
Really bummed that this one didn't come out

Poison Apple



Big pickle

The Hammered Dulcimer

Last Electrical Parade before it left for Florida

World of Holga

Thanks for checking out my foray in to film!  

PS Fellow film shooters!  Can anyone recommend a good scanner for negatives?  To develop and get a CD for one 120 roll it costs $16 a pop at my local lab.  Like, woah.

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Anonymous said...

I am using a Epson V500 Photo scanner and plan to buy one of these....

Neighbor Dave