Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Griffith Park Shoot

My sister-in-law S. Krystal wanted some photos done of the family with her and her son Finn.  Between all of us our family is huge so we just kept it small and limited it to my sister Stephanie, S. Krystal's brother Trevor who is also my hubby, my sister's fianc√©e Cari and Cari's sister Tara.  Did you get all that?  :D

I wanted to take advantage of the remaining afternoon light and the Golden Hour in Griffith Park.  But, we had a bit of a late start since people were coming from Ventura and Orange County to converge in Los Angeles County. We all live so far from each other it is a bit hard for all of us to get together on a regular basis.  One of the aspects of photography I very much adore is that it can bring people together.

So, we finally get there.  The park was so crowded it was a bit hard to find a good spot.  Once we did the bees decided they wanted in on the action and wanted their portraits taken.  Thankfully, no one got stung and many fun pictures were had.  I didn't get nearly all the photos I wanted which suits me just fine because now we will just have to get together to do this all over again.

As time went on we ended up chasing the light.  Something about running after the sunlight with people you love on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in a not so beautiful park makes me happy.

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