Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sisterly Love

Meet sisters Bella and Paige.  I photographed them while they spent some time at a park in Huntington Beach sliding on slides, blowing bubbles and being what comes natural to them, 2 cutie pie peas in a pod.

Thanks to the parents, Mark and Olga! Stephanie and Cari for basically everything! And a big thanks to my special bubble makers Monica, Nikki and Trevor!  And thank YOU for checking out my photos.

If you have a sibling, I dare you to give them a hug right now.  I triple-dog-dare you!


Olga said...

Thanks again Rachel for another great experience.

The pictures are amazing, I talked to Mother Nature and she said that next time we have a shoot she will make it sunny and breezy So that we can make it to the beach

You are a true professional and always a pleasure to work with.
I am glad that you were able to caputre both the beauty and amazement that I see in both of my girls in your portraits...

Thanks again for everything
Hugs & Kisses
The Volpes

About Me said...

You guys are one of my favorite families. Thank you again for choosing me as your photographer!